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Industrial Springs

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Our product range includes a wide range of Industrial Springs such as Automobile Springs, Coil Springs, Torsion Springs, Spiral Springs and Compression Springs.



Automobile Springs

We offer Automobile Springs that are helical in shape and have an open coil. These compression springs apply an opposing force to the compression along the axis. These springs offer good resistance to linear compressing forces and are among components that efficiently store significant amounts of mechanical energy in them. We offer these springs in different diameter & shape.

Coil Springs

A compression spring is an Open-Coil Helical Spring that offers resistance to a compressive force applied axially. Compression springs are usually coiled as a constant-diameter cylinder who uses our products our coil springs are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer markets, including the agricultural, railway, construction, mining, automotive and marine industries.

Torsion Springs

We manufacture and supply Torsion Springs that are durable in quality and can withstand forces such as twist or rotation. Torsion springs are further able to endure lateral and angular forces. These are characterized by their properties to increase the diameter as well as body length under changing temperature or pressure conditions. Our torsion springs are available in various dimensions. The torsion spring manufactured by us is also capable of providing unparalleled quality service.

Spiral Springs

Our precision-engineered spiral springs are available in various sizes as per the requirement of the application areas. The spiral springs that we offer are widely used in drilling machine, measuring tapes and weighing machine. This type of spring is used in generally reverse and forward working application. These are manufactured using optimum quality raw material to meet the demanding machine requirements.

Compression Springs

Our expertise allows us to deliver our clients a quality range of Compression Springs which is extensively used to resist compressive forces. These find applications in manufacturing electronic components, electrical switches, mechanical & oil seals, automobile components, umbrella, hydraulic & pneumatic components. Compression springs function by shortening and increasing their diameters when a load is applied on them. As they work under high temperature ambiance, their body needs to be longer so that the heat does not affect their performance. Our offered product range is made according to this requirement. We also ensure that enough space is provided in between the coils to avoid any mechanical stop. Manufactured using advanced CNC spring machine, our offered range of compression springs is strong, ductile and corrosion resistant.


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