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Copper Busbar & Jumper

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Providing you the best range of Copper Busbar & Jumper such as Copper & Aluminum Fabricated Busbars and Jumpers & Connectors with effective & timely delivery.

Copper & Aluminum Fabricated Busbars

Our offerings include highly conductive and purity based Copper / Aluminum Busbars and Flats. These are fabricated & brazed using high end technology, in order to meet our client's requirements. Our clients get highest level of product accuracy.

Features :

Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper:- Used with purity of Copper to 99.90 % and Conductivity to - with 100 % IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) as per ASTM B187)

Temper of Copper Busbars:- Annealed (soft), ½ hard (Cold worked), Full hard (Cold worked)

Processes:- Cutting, Forming, Punching (Holes / Slots), Bending, Tapping, Plating (Tin, Nickel, Silver)

Bending :

  • The thickness of the flat is equal to the minimum bending radius for copper flat and the minimum bending radius for aluminum flat is equal to twice thickness of the flat
  • At the bend of the flat, no surface roughening occurs
  • Busbars can be given any desired shape
  • For complete Matting even at the acute bends, it offer 100 % flat surface
  • Successfully brazed & fabricated range of copper busbars
  • No size limitations
  • Varied sizes available including 20 mm X 4 mm to 500 mm X 125 mm X (L- length as require)
  • As per the customer's requirements we can provide single piece weighing more than 700 kg
  • Stock of Flats available in huge variety
  • Punching of accurate Holes / Slots of any desired sizes on busbars
  • Metal joining with high end brazing technology
  • High quality brazers, capable of withstanding desired loads and very high temperature oil pressures, to braze the critical joints
  • These are capable of withstanding desired loads and very high temperature Oil Pressures
  • As per the application suitability, 6 % to 43 % silver brazing rods are used

What are Risers?

  • Risers are used as high current carrying terminals
  • These are brazed busbars carrying very high current outputs from furnace transformers
  • We supply single and double risers with complete fiber glass board arrangements, for ready to use terminals on furnace transformers, which includes gaskets, brass fittings and other accessories

Benefits for the clients :

  • Ready to use
  • Timely and quick delivery
  • Process costs are saved and further reduced by procuring JIT
  • Zero inventory levels
  • Generation of scrap and end pieces is avoided

Jumpers & Connectors

Our organization is eminent in manufacturing, supplying and distributing a superior quality range of Jumpers & Connectors. It is manufactured by laminating high conductivity electrolytic grade copper foils. As per the client's specifications, we can efficiently provide copper laminated connectors, which are sweated / pressure welded / fused. One important feature of these copper jumpers is that they carry same current as that of Busbars, a nil milli - volt drop is achieved because of the constant cross section over whole length.

Features :

  • Varied dimensions can be achieved, as per the client's requirement
  • Copper strip thickness: 0.05 mm ~ 0.5 mm
  • Thicker cover sheet as per requirement
  • Holes / slots punched as per client's requirement

Our Copper flexible jumpers are widely used in following Industries:

  • Transformers switchgear
  • Power plants
  • Electric locomotives
  • Furnaces
  • Chemical plants
  • Electricity boards
  • Industries where current carrying equipment is used

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